Matis Skincare Treatments

Matis Advanced Expert Facials

Densi Age Expert (1.5 hours)

Combining both decadent products and advanced Parisian beauty techniques, this facial provides superior results and a treatment that can only be described as a truly unforgettable experience. This amazing, all in one anti-ageing facial provides an instant workout for the skin. Delivering a plethora of skincare benefits, such as lifting, toning, firming, smoothing, brightening and hydrating effects – what are you waiting for!

*For optimum results, a 4 week course of this service is recommended.

Single Treatment £120, Course of 4 £470

Activ’ Kaviar Expert (1.5 hours)

This award winning anti-ageing treatment is the creme de la creme of facials providing a truly luxurious experience. Using premium ingredients such as caviar pearls, marine collagen and plant oils, the skin is recharged and replenished through stimulated cell regeneration to help brighten the complexion and to diminish fine lines and wrinkles leaving the skin intensely hydrated, smooth and supple.


Lift Expert (80 mins)

The ultimate firming facial that reshapes and re-sculpts the facial contours for an instant lifting effect. An intensive lifting cream mask, combined with a boosting thermal mask encourages deep absorption of the active ingredients, leaving the complexion glowing, supple and regenerated.


Peel Expert (75 mins)

A cutting edge treatment using a soft chemical peel to gain a new glow. This treatment helps to combat fine lines and wrinkles, refines the skins texture and provides instant luminosity while working on target areas of pigmentation and imperfections.


Hydra Nutri Expert (75 mins)

When the skin has become dry and uncomfortable you need to restore and replenish the complexion. Through a combination of superior quality active ingredients and relaxing massage techniques, this facial swathes the skin in a cocktail of luxuriously nourishing products to impart extreme comfort, radiance and rehydration to recover lost suppleness and softness.


Calm Expert (1 hour)

Dedicated to fragile and sensitive skins, this treatment bathes and wraps the skin in a cocoon of soothing balms and tender massage. This unique treatment delivers maximum comfort to sensitive, stressed and irritated skins of all ages revealing a complexion that is soothed, protected and radiant.


Pure Expert (1 hour)

A treatment designed for combination and oily skin types in search of balance. This treatment will matify, regulate and refine the skin allowing it to breathe whilst recapturing the radiance and brightness of the complexion.


Eye Expert (45 mins)

An aware winning eye contour treatment formulated to decongest, firm, smooth and relax the vulnerable eye area. An exclusive eye massage and mask combine for a visible difference in how your eyes look and feel, putting sparkle back into your eyes as wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness and dark circles are diminished.


Matis Initial Facials

Initial Anti-Aging (1 hour)

For skin that is lacking firmness and tone, this facial provides a lifted effect to the facial contours, diffuses the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and delivers optimum hydration to the skin.


Initial Comfort (1 hour)

Designed for irritated and sensitive skin, this facial envelopes the skin in a comforting embrace. With anti-inflammatory and softening properties, active ingredients provide an instant soothing, calming and nourished effect to the complexion.


Initial Detox (1 hour)

When the skin has lost its sparkle and the complexion has dulled, unveil a revitalised luminosity and de-congested brightness with this active facial.


Initial Purity (1 hour)

Bring balance and purity to skin that has become congested, oily and problematic. This facial is designed to extract impurities and regulate and matify over-active skin types.


Initial Uniformity (1 hour)

An innovative treatment which provides clarity and brightness to complexions that are suffering from pigmentary irregularities.


Discovery (45 mins)

An introductory facial which is tailor made to accommodate all skin types. The indulgent products used will assist in purifying, soothing, hydrating or brightening your skin.


Teenage Vitality (10-16 yr olds) (30 mins)

Deep clean, brighten and rejuvenate the complexion with this introductory facial suitable for teenage skins. This treatment provides a multitude of benefits to reveal a complexion that is balanced, soothed and nourished.


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